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Related Projects

Two webinar initiatives in particular have inspired the formation of the Wik-F:
The Sunoikisis Project is a national consortium that has offered collaborative and interdisciplinary teaching on Classical topics since 1999. Currently, it offers inter-institutional courses, excavations, internships, travel study, undergraduate research symposia, and faculty development seminars. The project aims to enable students access to a wider range of subject material due to its collaborative nature.
The Webinar Initiative in Islamic Material Culture offered by Andreas Kaplony provides a small scale webinar each semester on Islamic Material Culture. After successfully attending four webinars students graduate with a certificate in Islamic Material Culture, certified by the four participating institutions Hamburg, Bonn, Munich and the Bard Graduate Center. The aim of the project is to reach those students interested in this important field of research, who may be at universities which do not provide specialist teaching on this particular topic.
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